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Our Green Story

The foundation for all of our great products is paper. Our paper - the base for wrap, notes, stickers and more - is created domestically, which means it didn't travel the world to get to you!

Our paper comes from mills that practice responsible, sustainable forestry as certified by objective 3rd parties. Much of our product is created using renewable energy sources, such as hydro power or wind power.

Our entire line of solid cards, envelopes and paper is produced without elemental chlorine (PCF). Our printers operate with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emission and recycle their ink waste. Many of our note sets are handmade from renewable content, usually cotton or bark fiber.

Eco-White, made of 100% recycled content with 30% PCW, is the base for our printed notes, wrap and bags. We also donate, reuse, and recycle all of our scrap paper. In addition, we have added new labels to our note sets and wrap which feature information about their recycled content.

Waste Not from Start to Finish Poster (PDF)

We have nearly completed the bulk transition, offering our line of exclusive solid colors with recycled content containing at least 30% PCW (post-consumer waste). Beginning this year, our luxe papers are also made in the USA and contain recycled content.

We have swapped out all of our packing materials to reduce waste (and peanuts), and continue to look for creative ways to reuse packing materials.

Encouraging our employees to follow eco-friendly practices is an important part of our business. We recently moved into a "rehabbed," 12,000 square foot warehouse in the Chicago's northwest loop. Our location makes it easy for and encourages employees to use public transportation. For three years, we have been a top participating company of our size in the Chicago Bike-to-Work Week Challenge. We have a successful recycling program at our headquarters and try to find creative, beautiful uses for our scrap.

Watch for more environmental practices in the future as we find new and innovative ways to incorporate eco-friendliness into our business. We are confident that beauty and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand.