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1.Why do some of my products have labels with Waste Not Paper and some with Paper Source?
Our parent company, Paper Source, is not only a premier seller of paper and gifts, but also an established design house. Many of your favorite designs (and ours) are proprietary designs. Starting this year, any product featuring these designs will be labeled with the Paper Source logo.

Only top-selling Paper Source designs make into the WNP line - giving you an insight into "what works best." As one might imagine, these designs are our top sellers. In addition, Paper Source media coverage of these products is free marketing for our customers. Because we want to bring you the innovation and quality you expect, we will continue to leverage this incredible resource.
2. There was no invoice with pricing in my package. Did Waste Not Paper forget to include it?
Customers should receive invoices via email. We send these out daily, so if you have not received one, we may have an incorrect email address on file. Please email sales@wastenotpaper.com with the subject "Invoice Needed". We will be happy to send you any missing invoices at that time.
3. Are all the papers the same weight? Which is heavier - cover or text?

All items in our paper and envelope line are:

PH Neutral
Acid Free
Archival Quality (not museum archival quality)

Cover stock is thicker than text. Here are the specific weights of our paper:

All solid colors are 80 lb. cover and 80 lb. text.
Black is 70 lb. cover and 80 lb. text.

Luxe papers are 160 g. text and 210 g. cover.
300 g. cover is also available in half sheets and 8.5x11 only

Savoy Cotton White is 80 lb. text and 92 lb. cover
118 lb. and 236 lb. cover is also available in half sheets and 8.5x11 only

Shimmer papers are 105 lb. cover and 80 lb. text.
Shimmer Silver is 92 lb. cover and 80 lb. text

When designing, remember that darker colors may rub off on lighter colors. Consider using a layer (such as tissue) between the different colors.

4. Which way does the grain run on your bulk paper?
The only paper that has a consistent grain is our half parent sheets that measure 26" x 20". The grain on the half parent sheets always runs parallel to the 20" side. For all other 8.5" x11" and cut cards the grain will run both ways within one pack.
5. Can I get folded notes that are still flat?
Unfortunately, no. All of our folded notes are pre-folded. This helps make sure that the quality is better and that the corners will match up properly.
6. The whites are very confusing. Which is which?
In order of lightest/brightest to most creamy (deepest color), the order is as follows:
  • Pure White - seen on the invoice as "PURE WHT," this is the brightest white we carry.
  • Eco-White - seen on the invoice as "ECO WHITE," this option contains 100% recycled content with 30% post-consumer waste, and is a standard white.
  • White - seen on the invoice as "SF WHT," this is a very light cream. Don't be confused, the SF stands for Superfine!
  • Soft White - seen on the invoice as "SF SOFTWHITE," this creamy color may also be referred to as Ivory.
7. How do I get an estimate on the shipping charge?
Since we only charge what FedEx charges and do not have a flat rate, we cannot give you an exact shipping price at the time you place your order. However, if you wish to get an estimate, you can visit either www.ups.com or www.fedex.com and put in the origin zip code (60654) and the arrival zip code, or where you are having the package shipped to. If you need more specifics, you can email customer service at sales@wastenotpaper.com with the subject "Shipping Weight" and we will do her best to estimate that for you.
8. What are my shipping options?
We ship all orders using FedEx ground. We can also ship FedEx ground, if you have an account number. If you need priority shipping, please specify. Your alternate options for shipping are UPS 3 day select, 2nd day air, or next day air. We do not ship using the US Postal Service.
9. Can I get samples?
We only offer samples on our bulk stock. We will send you up to 10 non-specific pieces free of charge. Our samples are limited and we may not be able to send the items in the colors you request; however, a swatch of the requested color will be included. Should you need more, you will be charged $.10 per piece, and the limit is 25 pieces total. For specific sample requests, where a certain color/item combination is necessary, a charge of $.10 per piece will be applied to all requested pieces. The A7 and A2 box mailers are available at their standard per piece price. We do not send samples of half parent sheets. Sample orders take 3-5 days to process and standard shipping charges apply. To request samples please email sales@wastenotpaper.com with the subject "Samples Needed."
10. How can I know for sure that you received my order?
If you place your order online, you will receive an order confirmation via email. However, it may take a few hours for the order to be received into our system. All rush orders placed by 12 p.m. CST will be processed the same business day. If you fax or email in your order by 3 p.m. EST, you should receive an order confirmation the same business day. Emailed orders will receive emailed confirmation and faxed orders will receive a fax. If you have not received a confirmation, please call to make sure we received your order.
11. Why can't I just phone in the order?
It's all a matter of safety, especially for you. Should product be incorrectly entered, it is imperative to have a hard copy of the order. However, once you send in your order online or via fax or email, you can call and make sure the items you need are available.
12. Your credit application says it will take 3-4 weeks. Why so long?
When processing a new credit application, it often takes a number of weeks to hear back from your references. However, if references are responsive, it often takes less time.
13. I changed my company name, but the customer ID didn't change and I still have to use my old name. Why?
In order to track order history more accurately we do not change customer ID numbers if your company name changed.
14. Yikes! I forgot one thing on my order. Can I add on to it?
We understand that it can be frustrating, but we are unable to add product once an order is entered in the system (which often happens within the hour). If the order has not been put in the system yet, you may be able to add something. But once the order is entered it is immediately transferred out to the warehouse and it is out of our hands.
15. I ordered the wrong item and I would like to return it. May I?
To return items that are unopened and in saleable condition you will need to request a return authorization. Incorrectly shipped merchandise must be reported within 10 days of receipt. all returns must be made within 60 days. We will email you a return credit packing slip which you must include with the return to receive credit. There is a restocking fee of 10%, not to be less than $10 (for example, a $50 return will have a $10 deduction, so you will be credited $40; a $150 return will have a $15 deduction, so you will be credited $135). We will post the credit to your account after the items are received back. All items must arrive to us in salable condition; damaged returns will not receive credit.
16. What is your minimum order?
Minimum opening order is $250. Minimum reorder is $125. Reorders under $125 are subject to a $10 under-minimum fee.
17. How long does it take to process my order?
While we strive to process all orders as quickly as possible, please be aware that our standard turn around is 2-3 business days plus shipping time. All orders processed after 12 p.m. central standard time mat not be processed the next business day based on volume.
18. How long does it take for an order to ship?
Unless otherwise requested, all orders are shipped Fedex ground. You can find out how many days it takes for orders to ship from Chicago to your destination at www.ups.com/maps. Search using our zip code 60654.